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In the remote westernmost corner of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is quintessential Desert Town, its golden, sand-colored fortifications rising out of the arid Thar like a scene from the Arabian Nights, Jaisalmer is one of India`s most popular destinations. Villagers dressed in voluminous red and orange turbans still outnumber foreigners in the bazaar, while the exquisite sand stone architecture of the “Golden City” is one of its kind in India.

Build in 1156 A.D. lays biggest pride of Jaisalmer "The Golden Fort". Made with Soft Yellow Jurassic Sand Stone "The Golden Fort" is visible to the guests as soon as they enter the city and hypnotizes everyone on it`s first sight. It is the only living fort in the whole world. In the fort there are ancient Havelis where sizeable number of population resides. So when you choose staying inside The Fort, it gives you a totally different experience and tons of memorable days.

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